How does it work

How does it work

How does it work?

Welcome to the Online Concert Hall of the Liszt Academy! The Online Concert Hall is the virtual concert hall of the Liszt Academy. As part of our service, we broadcast some of our concerts live, which are available both from Hungary and abroad.

We would like to ensure that our live concerts provide the greatest possible audio-visual experience; therefore, we have summarized what tools and software you need to enjoy our broadcasts.

You can follow our broadcasts using:

·       a smart phone (model should be max. 2 years old)

·       a tablet (model should be max. 2 years old)

·       a desktop PC or laptop (model should be max. 5 2 years old)

·       a smart TV (in an internet browser that runs on Android)

Please note that the quality of the broadcast may vary depending on your Internet connection, therefore a download speed of at least 500 Kbps is required, but 1 Mbps is recommended. If the bandwith is less than this, the broadcast will be streamed in lower quality or may be interrupted.

Where possible, always watch our broadcasts on a device that runs the latest version of the operating system:

·       Windows 7 or newer version

·       Mac OS X 10.7 or newer version

·       iOS or Android suitable for running the browsers listed below

·       Ubuntu 10 or newer version

In terms of browsers, please use one of the following:

·       Google Chrome v70 or newer version

·       Firefox v60 or newer version

·       Microsoft Edge v40 or newer version

·       Safari v12 or newer version

Please note that none of the Internet Explorer versions are supported!

We recommend using the following browsers on mobile devices:

·       Google Chrome v63 or newer version

·       Safari v10 or newer version



If your computer or smartphone meets the above requirements, but you still experience errors, we recommend that you restart your browser with the plug-ins/extensions disabled.

In Chrome, we recommend using an incognito window, which you can open by clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner and selecting New incognito window.

If you're using Firefox, click Help in the menu and select Restart with disabled add-ons. The browser will restart.

In Edge, you can turn off plug-ins/extensions one by one in Settings.

If you encounter any problems with picture or sound quality while watching a concert, first refresh or restart your browser and check the status of your internet connection. In most cases, these types of problems occur when your broadband Internet connection is poor. If you are using a router at home and the problem persists, unplug the router for a few minutes and then plug it in again so that router can restart. Also, if you use Wi-Fi, switch to a cable connection or shut down other Internet applications, all of which can improve poor bandwidth.

If the broadcast is not available or the browser displays an error message: first, make sure you are using a supported browser. Then try clearing your cache and cookies and start the broadcast again. Please try using a different browser as well to check whether you get the same error message.

Should the problem persists, please contact us at onlinekoncertterem@zeneakademia.hu.